“A nomadic gypsy who quite possibly might be searching for a reason to stop running…For the time being I will keep my everlasting marathon going, with a smile on my face, my camera in hand, and a solid pair of shoes.” – Laura Oriana 2/8/13

I have the need to travel, the urge to keep moving, and an everlasting battle within on whether I should stay still or wander for life. Currently the stillness has taken over (AKA I’m broke), and occasionally I feel as though my creative inspiration is drying up, but then I remember I have a vault full of traveling memories to keep me inspired for a multitude of lifetimes.

I am currently residing in the Pacific Northwest, where I make handmade goods, try to entertain three rambunctious dogs, and frolic the fields of my never-ending imagination.  I love to write, but tend to never post anything of real substance on my blog since the fear of being judged on something I love to do infuriates me, scares me, and causes an onslaught of other emotions…let’s be honest, it’s mainly because I am lazy and prefer writing on paper.

I dance to the beat of my own drum, which oddly enough sounds identical to Los Fabulosos Cadillacs’ song Matador. It’s as though they entered my brain as a child and heard what was going on in there and made my theme song. On that note, the beat is calling me to dance my way off to something else.

Laura Oriana


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