China: Hong Kong & The Cleanest Subway I Have Ever Seen – Part IV

Hong Kong!!! Where were you our entire trip?! That’s right, waiting patiently for us with your big blue sky, puffy white clouds, hot hot heat, and mosquitoes the size of baseballs.

Now most people that go to Hong Kong probably have stories about shopping (I do have one of those) and the cityscape. I on the other hand had one shopping story that involved a sketchy drug like deal of an interaction in a crowded market, eight flights of narrow tiny stairs, and a closet full of purses. In retrospect the scene I was in could’ve been the climax of a movie when the girl gets taken and sold to the highest bidder, but at that moment I was blinded by the thought of getting a purse. The shit we think that matters at times boggles my mind.

Other than my purse story and love for the city, I had my mind blown by the subway (MTR). Now I am not sure if I was just getting on at the right stops or if I was just ruined from riding the MUNI and BART for years, but sweet lawd! The MTR was the cleanest subway I had ever experienced. I just don’t even understand, my mind is still blown. Everything was sparkly white, bright, and CLEAN! What!!!??! My brain couldn’t compute. I could’ve eaten off that floor (not that I would recommend it), seriously the place was spotless. I was so sad when I realized I would have to go back to SF and experience our urination smelling transit and seats with fecal matter on them.

Anyways…Hong Kong was rad. I loved it there and totally recommend not going in July when it’s hot a f*ck, the humidity is at an all time high, and the mosquitoes are out to play Dracula 24 hours a day. With that being said, the city is impressive both during the day and at night, the people are lovely, the food is good, you can shop ’til you drop, and the subway is a dream come true.

DSC_0468 DSC_0488

 DSC_0505 DSC_0493

DSC_0511 DSC_0512

DSC_0549 DSC_0594

DSC_0615 DSC_0560


3 thoughts on “China: Hong Kong & The Cleanest Subway I Have Ever Seen – Part IV

  1. You are more correct than you think. I have just left a trip to china and used most of their subway systems. Mostly Hong Kong and Beijing. It was so delightful to see such cleanliness. The trains were immaculate and crisply clean. The streets were the same. The people of China have much to be proud of, as I felt safe in this country as no other. I am not for Marxism, but I am for consequences of destroying our public property. New York and all the other cities in our country need to take a lesson from those who run these services in China. It was a pleasure to tour this great , scenic, clean nation. I will go back in a heart beat. Thank you. October 2015

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