Ireland: The Long Awaited Part Dos of My Trip – Part II

Once upon a time in 2013 I went to Ireland and Northern Ireland. I then blogged about the first half of my trip and lied about blogging about the second half of that trip…Well I guess I didn’t lie since I am blogging about it now, it’s just a bit delayed. If you need a reminder of the first half of my trip check out IRELAND: NIL RAINBOWS, ZILCH LEPRECHAUNS, ZERO POTS OF ORO, BUT I DID HAVE A HONEY BOO BOO SIGHTING(WELL A LOOKALIKE) – PART I. So here we go, back into the past of May 2013. The location is Northern Ireland and our first stop was Stormont and its grounds, followed by a bit of exploring.


Ashley and I spent quite some time at Stormont taking photos of all the pretty trees. I snapped a photo of Ashley while she was relaxing and waiting for me to catch up.


Some of the infamous Belfast street art.

I am not sure if this was part of Harland & Wolff Heavy Industries (shipyard) or it was just in the area.

The day after we arrived in Belfast we hopped in good ol’ Annabelle Gene McDoogle and headed to Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge and the Giant’s Causeway.


We went to the Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge and it was closed. One of the guys that works there was kind enough to take a visitors camera out on to the bridge and snap some video. Doesn’t look like a big deal, but when you factor in the wind speed you realize that he’s on a suicide mission.



If it weren’t for the hurricane winds, freezing cold temperatures, and sideways rain, I would’ve spent hours at the Giant’s Causeway.




After the Giant’s Causeway we headed to get lost to find the Dark Hedges. Now you might think that doesn’t make sense, but when you are trying to find the Dark Hedges it does. Basically you keep driving down a road, get out of the car whenever you see someone, ask if they know where it is, and head in whatever direction they told you. Repeat about 10 more times. Look down every turn off to see if you can find some trees that look like the Dark Hedges. Make a mistake once or twice (they have some awesome trees down a few of those road that lead to nowhere). Finally see the correct trees and you are at the Dark Hedges. Totally worth the trip!


I can’t go on a trip without visiting at least one museum.   DSC_5323DSC_5333DSC_5336


On our way back to Dublin I forced Ashley to go to the Newgrange Monument. She wasn’t too stoked since she had already visited it, but she’s a trooper!


On our last night in Dublin we walked the streets and went to a few bars. Towards the end of our evening we had the joy of meeting a man who somehow convinced us to have dinner with him. The food was really good, he got shit faced drunk, things got awkward, and we eventually parted ways after doubling back a few times to make sure we weren’t being followed. Overall it was a fantastic evening and oddly enough, the perfect ending to a fantastic trip.



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