Signs, Dreams, Unknowns, and Possible Failures…You Know, Everyday Life

As I was getting older I always asked for signs to assure me of what path I should take in life. I am not sure what kind of sign I was expecting throughout the years, maybe a giant flashing neon sign would’ve been great, but nothing that literal ever happened. Until a year ago…

Last year in September I quit my job of three years and decided to go off and travel. I was hoping that something during my travels would point me in the right direction. Instead I had a great time traveling all parts of the world.

During my travels I did however sign up for some sewing classes for when I got back to Portland. I didn’t want to stay self taught anymore and I had this itch so to speak of wanting to make things. I really didn’t think anything of the classes at first, I just thought I was getting better at a hobby. After a few months I realized I was enjoying it more than I had expected and decided to get my certificate in apparel design (which I am still working on). It was during my fashion illustration class that I finally received the sign that I had been nagging about for so many years…

We needed a sketch book for class and instead of going out and buying a new one I found an old one in my closet from when I was in middle school and high school. When I opened it I found pages of clothing sketches. I sat on the floor and went through the whole thing. I then found a notebook from one of my high school classes with more sketches of clothing. I finally realized that the whole entire time I was asking for a sign, I had been quite literally staring at it for almost 29 years every time I sketched something out.

So here I am starting over again, unsure of what will happen, whether I will succeed or fail, not making nearly as much money as I was before, and happier than I have ever been. The unknown is exciting and terrifying all at once, and it keeps pushing me to get to my goal regardless of the outcome.


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