Recap: 9/12-12/13

So I quit my job last year in September and decided to travel… here is a tiny recap of said events

9/12: Quit my job. Moved from SF to Portland. I went camping with my friend Brooke in Bend, OR for a ladies trip, where I cooked amazing meals, went on some fantastic hikes, dealt with suicidal chipmunks, and slept in the car one night because I forgot a sleeping mat and couldn’t handle sleeping on the ground anymore.

10/12: I went to Zion National park with Brooke and her sister Lindsey where we went on more amazing hikes, dealt with overly aggressive squirrels, ate some good food, I broke my ribs (I won’t even mention how because it’s quite embarrassing), went to some ghost towns, took 100s of photos, and ended the trip with Lindsey french braiding my hair as the three of us drove to the Hoover Dam for one last sight to see before heading to the airport in Las Vegas.

11/12: Had a short trip back to SF to see my friend Ashley’s art exhibit. My friend Heidi and I went to NYC and I had such a fantastic time. We slept in the tiniest room ever (I think it was actually a closet), woke up 3 hours before we needed to everyday so that we could have warm showers, saw everything we could possibly see, ate amazing food, took photos, went to this awesome interactive play called Sleep No More, and had my Kindle Fire stolen on the plane ride back to Portland.

12/12 Spent the holidays with my family and planned my trip to Argentina

1/13: Brooke and I went to Argentina…it was amazing. The end. Seriously, it was fantastic! We started off in Buenos Aires where we saw a few sights, headed off to Patagonia where my mind was blown and my heart was stolen by it’s beauty, hiked to a magical place where we drank water from the runoff of a glacier, ate more amazing food, headed back to Buenos Aires for more sights to see and massive heat waves.

2/13: Went Back to SF for a short trip to see friends. Left for Mazatlan, where I did the most relaxing I have ever done, ate great food all day every day, spent time with my family, walked to the beach, skyped… a lot, started to realize what I might want to end up doing after the traveling ended,  signed up for sewing classes, planned a trip to Ireland, and went to a wedding in Mexico City.

3/13: Started my sewing classes. Went to Ireland with my friend Ash. We had great weather, great food, and great times!

4/13: The traveling has ended, but my sewing classes keep on keep keeping on.

5/13-7/13: More sewing. Trips to the beach. Hiking. Hang time.

8/13: My friend Jennie sets up a meeting with her sister-in-law Jenn. I start sewing for Jenn and help her with her etsy store and shows. I turned 29. 🙂

9/13: Jenn is approached by someone she used to sew for and asked if she knows someone that could help her with her boutique… I start working for Sarah at her boutique, more classes, more sewing,  and working for Jenn.

10/13: Classes, working at Jenn’s studio, working at Sarah’s boutique, I decide to do a show for some knitted items I make.

11/13: Classes, studio, boutique, I made my own etsy store, and do my first homemade gift fair and leave with a smile on my face. 🙂

12/13: Classes, Jenn’s etsy, boutique, knitting a few custom items, made my first bra, and figuring out what item I want to make for Spring… I am also spending the holidays in Mexico with Keely.

Sloppy recap, but a recap nonetheless. 🙂


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