I Wonder What My Dowry is Worth?

It hasn’t even been 24hours since I landed in Mazatlan and my family is already trying to marry me off to every eligible bachelor. “¿Oye, tienes amigos para mi sobrina? (Do you have any friends for my niece?)” “¿Ella es muy bonita, no? (She is very pretty, isn’t she?)” A list of five must have requirements were given out to friends in search of Mr. Phenomenal. Let me rephrase that, my tio (uncle) Armando gave out a list of five must have requirements The One will need to come equipped with. I can’t wait to see the long line of bachelors anxiously waiting to court me!

The one thing I noticed is nobody ever mentions my age while seeking a potential partner. I mean honestly, last time I checked 28 was a pretty damn good age. In Mexico 28 and still single…well you might as well put me out to pasture. In the mean time my family will keep excluding my age in the game to find some sort of Disney movie prince charming to whisk me off my feet. I would turn this into some sort of drinking game, but being that I don’t really drink and that I would most likely die from alcohol poisoning in less than a week, I don’t think it’s the best idea. Well the fun has just begun and it’s only going to get more intense as my stay in Mexico keeps on keeping on.

I also took a couple photos with my iphone during my early morning walk that I thought were fitting to this post.

There once were two brothers who both had eyes for the same woman. They decided one of them must have her so they went to a rock by the lighthouse to duel for her hand. Unfortunately both brothers lost by falling off the rock and into the ocean. A few days later their bodies were found, one on each island. Miss thang, the apple of their eyes, the love they were fighting for, walked away on the arms of another man who was there to console her after the tragedy. Moral of the story…Ladies always have options. 🙂



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